Welcome to Taygas Limited
Welcome to Taygas Limited

Taygas Limited BOC Agent

Since May 2013 we have been the BOC Agent supplying cylinders to BOC Customers from all over the country. We stock a large range of Industrial Gas, Medical Gas and carry a range of BOC Welding and Cutting Products. Customer who require any of these products must have an existing BOC Account. New Accounts can be opened in-store

BOC Industrial Gas

We stock a large range of Industrial Gas in all Sizes to cater for all customer requirements. Our Inventory Includes :-


Propane (Sizes A, B, D, E, F)

Acetylene (Sizes K, M, J, L)

Oxygen (Sizes E, X, Y, E33, E50 WW)

Argoshield Light (Sizes PD, X, Y, E33, E50)

Arogshield Universal (Sizes X, Y, E33, E50, RZ)

Argoshield Heavy (Size E33, E50)

Specshield 20 (Size W)

Pureshield Argon (Sizes PD, X, Y, E33, E50)

Oxygen Free Nitrogen (Sizes X, Y, E33, E50)

Balloon Gas (Sizes V, T, L, E33)

Hydrogen/Nitrogen 5%/95% (Size T)

Carbon Dioxide Vapour Drawn (Size VK)

Carbon Dioxide Liquid Drawn (Size LK)

SureGas (Size B, SB)

SureMix 30 (Size N)

SureMix 40 (Size N)


We stock a range of GENIE 10L & 20L Cylinders which contain More gas, are more portable and more intelligent.


Available in 10L or 20L, GENIE® contains 30% more gas than a standard steel cylinder and it uses digital display technology to tell you how much gas it contains. With attachable wheels, it is more portable.


Our Inventory Includes :-


Balloon Gas (Sizes 10L & 20L)

Pureshield Argon (Sizes 10L & 20L)

Argoshiled Light (Sizes 10L & 20L)

Oxygen Free Nitrogen (Size 20L)



Medical Gas

We are Licenced by the MRHA to dispense Medical Gas on behalf of BOC and stock a range of Medical Gas on site.

We Accept the following Cards

Our address:

Taygas Limited

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